Breaking News, Fam – I’m Putting Out My Book!

All the musicians at the top of the game will tell you they wrote their single that just came out 2 years ago, so maybe I don’t feel so bad about taking just about that long to put out the remix novel I wrote about EDC 2013. The same way people remix old songs I’ve remixed Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, written by my spirit animal and cosmic mentor Hunter S. Thompson. It’s an original story about The Rave set to his beat and it’s available on Amazon Monday!

This story contains a 45/55% fact to fiction ratio and I’ll never divulge which is which. Adventure, sex, drugs, friends, music, the NBA, other worlds – Electric Desert Madness is a helluva ride if you’re down to buy the ticket and take it – available here on Kindle. Physical copies coming soon, also available thru Amazon. I love you.


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