Didn’t Even Care Enough To Torrent We Are Your Friends

At this time one week ago I was committed to seeing the first major raver motion picture to come out of the American EDM explo-gasm. I’d heard a mixed bag of reviews from DJ’s and fuckbois of all genres and I wanted to know for myself. But I guess I didn’t really, because that was 7 days ago and so far I’ve not yet bothered to even torrent it. Besides, a bunch of your favorite DJ’s already saw it and delivered a far better review than I ever could – see Playboy.

However, I am thrilled today as I was two weeks ago when I LOL’ed at Robert Sillerman and SFX’s total corporate failure – the people who don’t give a fuck or shit about dance music that are trying to make money off of it are failing miserably. Authenticity is still resonating with audiences, even though the only authenticity that holds any weight these days is a pure love of the music and culture.

But I have a dream: I dream that one day all the relevant and non-fuckface DJ’s will band together to score and star in a total auth rave movie, ideally starring the club kid goddess Miley Cyrus, capturing the period of time where the floodgates opened and EDMing in America became a standard post-adolescent thing to do. We can make this beautiful dream a reality, there’s enough money and brilliant minds in the mix to execute. HMU if you wanna make a movie, Fam.

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