Molly Falls In Love/Loses Everything Over Breakfast

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 10.01.22 AM
You guys, I managed to fall in love and then completely blow it at breakfast the other day and I’m hoping you can help me find my long lost bagel boyfriend. Check my missed connection:

You – blue Sunset Island sweater, me – black and yellow smiley face sweater. Us – we both ordered the Everything bagel with butter, medium coffees, then drove away in our late model, respective gold and silver V6 Camry’s.

As our eyes met across the relatively uncrowded room, I saw our future together – long walks through WeHo, matching “keep calm and eat a carb” tees and eventually setting up a rig in the backyard of our duplex with a kiddie pool full of everything bagel seasoning so we can lube up and roll around cooking in the sun all day.

Are my dreams too bold? Could this be us but you playin’? Meet me at the Broker tomorrow at 9 am with a single rose if we’re doing this.

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