Talk About Your Dreams Vol. II – #BaeWatch Edition


I don’t want to be one of those girls who just blogs about her boyfriend all the time, but I gotta shout-out my one true digital love John Ochoa on this week’s edition of #TalkAboutYourDreams cause bae is SUCH an inspiration. He’s the happiest, most grateful and hard working human I’ve ever known and he lives his dream every day. I almost got mad at him for sending a poop-selfie for this post cause I told him to send me a “boss pic” – but dammit I can’t stop laughing!

Johnny used to work in publicity, which is a sexy gig but a real grind that will crush your soul if you’re a Creative in your heart. He bailed on what could have been a very lucrative and kick-ass career in PR to become a content wizard for Insomniac, but writing about music was his dream and that was the company he wanted to work for most of all.

Watching him be a boss in Vegas, reading his blog posts and print stories in the Insomniac magazine, got me so hot I had to have John’s mom overnight me one these for our hotel room. Luckily the Ochoa’s are super Catholic so Mama Ochoa totally feels me and didn’t ask questions.


So many decisions in life are between security and the unknown, I’m happy to report that John is permanently zesty following the forfeit a so-called secure career to manifest his dream. It’s the biggest turn on of all time, now y’all understand why I’m so obsessed. 3 months ago John was just my #1 Facebook stalker, now I’m blogging about him like we’re gonna be together PLURever. Life is weird, dreams come true!

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